Places to Run in Scranton: Mellow and Condella Parks

Mellow and Condella Park are two adjoined, but distinct parks located in Peckville, about a fifteen or twenty minute drive from downtown Scranton. Mellow Park houses multiple fields, great for football, ultimate, soccer and it has a few tennis courts to boot. A walking path snakes around the fields as well. Condella features a nice woodchip trail that loops around the park.

The trail at Condella just after crossing the bridge

The Bridge to Terabithia–Oh, wait, I meant Condella.

A bridge spanning a river connects Mellow and Condella, allowing for easy locomotion between the two parks. If you park in the lot by the tennis courts, off the 200 block of River Street and then just follow the walking path straight down (or the softer path right next to the river that’s beside the paved path), it’ll take you to another parking lot. Pass through that and you can check out the bridge. Additionally, the bridge gives you a good view of the river that cuts through both parks. After crossing it, you’ll find yourself in Condella Park, where I enjoyed a few cross country meets back in elementary school. The trails there aren’t all that long. A complete loop will probably only net you about a mile, but a lot of it is shaded and it’s nice to run on a different kind of surface like woodchips now and then, even if it’s not exactly the best if you’re looking to go fast. That said, both Condella and Mellow are nice parks at which most anyone could find loads of different things to do and engage in all sorts of exercises and other fun activities. But the real treasure here is the section of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail that begins near Mellow Park.

The Trailhead at Depot Street in Peckville

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is an ongoing project in Lackawanna County to develop a number of trail systems for recreational use, eventually joining most of them together for hundreds of miles. The official website can be found here. A section of the trail is currently under development that will bridge the South Side section of Scranton with the borough of Taylor. I’ll make sure to upload some pictures of that when I can. The section of the trail that begins at Mellow goes nearly three miles into the borough of Archbald. The trail is well maintained and frequented by walkers, bikers and runners. Most of the trail is shaded and it provides a great opportunity to get some relief by running on softer ground.

Exercising near running water is always a great opportunity

My friends and I usually park at Mellow and run the short distance to the trail, though parking directly at the trailhead, which starts on Depot Street, is also a possibility. I figure I could’ve uploaded a whole bunch of pictures of the whole trail, but why spoil the surprise? It’s very easy to follow along, after all. The only slightly tricky part is swinging a right down the hill at Winton Road and then following the road for a bit before the trail starts back up again. This section of the LRHT, Mellow Park and Condella are all featured as parts of the Steamtown Marathon Course, so for any other prospective marathoners like myself, I highly recommend checking these locations out.

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