Places to Run in Scranton: Cemeteries in Dunmore

Dunmore Cemetery’s Entrance

Though cemeteries might conjure up a variety of emotions, they can often prove great places to run. It’s fairly easy to make some sizable loops from the roads found in some of the larger cemeteries. Plus, it gets you off busy city streets and away from traffic. In addition, cemeteries often have lots of trees and plants, making them great places for runs, assuming of course you aren’t worried about zombies rising up from the graves and trying to eat your brains.

The Entrance of Forest Hills Cemetery

The borough of Dunmore, adjacent to Scranton, features two cemeteries, one of which is the aptly named “Dunmore Cemetery whose main gate, which you can see above, is located on West Warren Street. Forest Hills’s entrance is located off Electric Street on Jefferson Avenue. It’s pretty easy to find your way around in Dunmore Cemetery, but I’ll admit that I find Forest Hills a bit trickier. It has a whole bunch of loops shooting off in all directions. The two cemeteries aren’t directly connected per se, but if you use a bit of ingenuity, you can find some “secret” paths between them, most of which center around finding holes in fences and running through the woods for a bit. It gets a bit confusing and I don’t necessarily recommend it, but if you’re in the mood to do a little exploring, go for it. Just don’t blame me if you get lost.

You can make any kind of route or loop at either cemetery that you like, but my running friends and I usually stick to staying on the outer edges of Dunmore Cemetery all the way around, which results in a loop that’s about 1.3 miles. There’s only one steep uphill the whole way. It’s a nice loop for doing some tempo runs, or it could just be a respite from running on city roads for over a mile. If you’d like to see my standard 1.3 mile loop mapped out, click here. There are certainly plenty of cemeteries in the Scranton area, but few offer as much land for running or biking as these two. Combine the two together and you could probably get close to three miles. Not too shabby, eh?

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