Places to Run in Scranton: Weston Field

Not far past Scranton High School on Providence Road in the North Scranton section of the city sits Weston Field, a fairly expansive complex that offers a number of options and activities for Scrantonians. Scranton’s official website has an information page about Weston Field, so if you’re looking for more specifics about what it offers, I recommend going there. However, the outdoor pool will not be open this summer.

The lack of a higher vantage point doesn’t lend itself to a good picture of the field, but you get the idea.

That said, as I rarely if ever use the indoor facilities at Weston Field, my main concern is with the outdoor track. Forming a circuit around the main soccer field, the track is decidedly retro. And I mean that in the most affectionate sense possible. It’s a quarter mile as opposed to 400 meters, which only makes a difference of a second or two over a mile, but I’m just pointing it out in case you’re a real stickler for exact distances.

Weston’s track also isn’t an “all-weather” rubberized track like most modern ones, but a more ash-like kind of surface. Because of this, especially when it’s wet, times tend to be a little bit slow, so if you’re doing a workout down there, I wouldn’t worry if you a few seconds off. If you’re half a minute off, sure, something’s wrong, but a few seconds is totally understandable. However, an advantage of Weston’s surface is that the softer ground tends to be more forgiving on joints and injuries than the somewhat harder ground of the rubberized tracks.

An aerial shot of Weston Field

Finally, the track at Weston isn’t exactly a perfect oval like other tracks, but if you look at it from an aerial shot and from the right angle, it almost kind of looks like the outline of the Superman logo. Cool as that may be, the extra turns this shape results in creating can be another thing to slow down times. I know it sounds like I’m being harsh on Weston, but I actually do love the place. I’ve done many workouts out there and many of them have come down to battles between me and one of my long time running rivals. Weston does have its pros and cons, but ultimately, I  quite like it. Besides, more than just the track, you can go there to swim (indoors, at least), play basketball, box, and so on. It’s one of the best recreational facilities in the city.

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