Steamtown Marathon Diary: Recovery

After the unexpectedly serious effect the first twenty miles of the Steamtown Marathon had on my legs, this week’s mileage ended up coming way down. All the downhills wrought havoc on my quads, making it extremely difficult to so much as walk down the steps in my house for a few days. I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday completely off, something I hadn’t anticipated on. In light of that, I decided to make this a full blown cut back week in preparation for stepping up the mileage next week.

My nagging groin injury still doesn’t exactly feel 100% and I would ordinarily like to give it a bit of rest, but since I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out at the end of the month and that will incapacitate my running for a few days,  I really can’t afford to have multiple off periods. The marathon is still a bit more than three months away, which I know still seems like a lot, but three months sure can fly by, and I would hate to have to rush my training in August and September. Other than that, nothing too noteworthy happened this week, except that now I’ll have to roll the dice a bit on this groin thing and hope it works out all right. Wish me luck.

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