Places to Run in Scranton: Dunmore Track

The eponymous track, taken in a remarkably crooked picture

Scranton and its surrounding areas have plenty of tracks at the various high schools. However, Dunmore track is the only one that’s fully open to the public. I have to thank the administration for the school for allowing walkers, joggers and runners and to utilize the track, as the ability to get on a real, accurately measured track is a fantastic asset to virtually all runners.

Furthermore, a loop called the “Bucktown Fitness Trail” that’s a little shy of a mile follows a circuit around Dunmore High School’s campus. So that loop makes for a good warm up and cool down if you want to do a workout on the track itself. I’ll readily admit doing miles upon miles on just a track can get boring. Or, if you’re looking for more distance, both Forest Hills and Dunmore Cemeteries are nearby, both of which I covered in a previous blog.

All kinds of runners, of all sorts of different levels, use the track for workouts, mostly during the summer when school’s out. It is admittedly difficult to get on the track when school functions are still going on, but even still, it’s great that Dunmore allows the public to use their track at all. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do workouts at tracks much anymore, as the almost constant left turns tend to aggravate my recalcitrant groin injury. So although I personally can’t really use tracks anymore, I still recommend Dunmore track. You can get on a fast, flat surface that you know is accurately measured, so no more worrying about how far your intervals actually were. That about wraps up Dunmore track and the surrounding fitness trail. Just be sure to be respectful of all the rules there to make sure we can continue use the track. Until we meet again, friends.

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3 Responses to Places to Run in Scranton: Dunmore Track

  1. Alyssa royce says:

    Do u know if dunmore has certain hours for there track.

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