Steamtown Marathon Diary: Baby Steps

Last week ended up being yet another down week in a summer that seems to be chock full of them. Total mileage only came out to about 36 miles, which less than half of where I wanted to be at this point in my training. Nonetheless, I realize the futility of getting all sullen and depressed about injuries. It’s just a silly waste of energy. I took a few days off from running and since returning I’ve just been stretching and icing as often as I can.

Because of my groin injury acting up again, I’ve definitely had to make some readjustments to my plan. I had originally wanted to hit 85 or 90 miles, but I think I may have to scale things back to about 75 or so. I still think that will be enough, especially as long as I can still get in two or three more 20 milers, but this whole thing is frustrating nonetheless. I didn’t get in any workouts last week since all of it was basically just a test to see if my groin would be okay. It help up, even after a decent 12 miler yesterday, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m shooting for 50 or so this week, so we’ll just have to see how I hold up.

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