Steamtown Marathon Diary: Back on Track

After nearly a full month of all sorts of things going wrong, I finally managed to get in a solid week of training. I ended up 55 miles this week and a 15 mile long run. The long run was a higher percentage of the week’s mileage than I’m used to, but that’s just a part of marathon training. The long run becomes the most important day of the week, and in many training plans, it ends up accounting for roughly half the mileage in a given week. Honestly, I don’t know people do those low mileage plans. Run only four or five miles about four times a week, and then crank it up 20? It’s actually pretty pretty impressive.

That said, I was happy to just get my feet back under me. I think it was more of a mental thing than physical. I needed to know I still had it in me, that I could run fifteen miles, that I could get back in the 50s. I do so without too much issue (my groin injury didn’t seem to flare up), but I’ll admit that doing fifteen earlier today did wear me out. Then again, I did a tempo on Friday, so I guess that was a bit of a short turnaround. The tempo was mostly on flat ground and ended up being about 30:30 for five miles. I’ve been trying to steadily increase the length of my tempo runs, which I hope will culminate in some that are seven or right miles long.

All together, I’m happy with how this week went. I’m going to try to bump up to 65 or 70 next week, since I know the week after that will suffer heavily because I’ll be getting my wisdom teeth out. This summer has undoubtedly had its share of hiccups, but that’s all part of training. You have to roll with these things and make adjustments on the fly. I still think I can hit about 2:50 for the marathon, though it won’t be as easy as I might’ve hoped.   But hey, nobody ever said it was going to be easy, right?

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