Steamtown Marathon Diary: Another 20 Miler Down

It took me nearly a full month, but I finally got my mileage and workouts back to where I wanted them. Unfortunately, after getting back up 70 miles this week, I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday, so needless to say that’s going to be a down week. But I can’t complain since I’m really happy how this week turned out. The weather wasn’t too bad, aside from the heavy rain Thursday evening, but that just gave me a great reason to finally get in my first true night run of the summer, and those are always fun.

My tempo run on Wednesday went well, though I have to remember to do something other than tempos one of these weeks. I did six miles at about 6:09 pace. Not blazingly fast by any means, but I just want to get used to going decent paces for prolonged distances. Plus, my splits were pretty dramatically negative, since I finished with a 5:45. Then again, that shows you how slow I started out.

I did my second twenty miler this morning, almost exactly a month after the first. I wouldn’t dare call it easy, but it wasn’t nearly as devastating as the first one. I couldn’t walk after that one and took days off from running. I feel fine walking around today and I think I should be able to get one more day in tomorrow before the wisdom teeth adventure. Our time was about 2:22:30 this morning for an out-and-back run that did the last ten miles of the Steamtown course twice. So I got to experience the infamous Electric Street hill about 18 miles into the run. And I can understand how it derails many a runner, but I didn’t have too much trouble with it. I have no doubt race day will be much more difficult, though. Race day is only about nine weeks away now, so after the wisdom teeth issue, I’m hoping for about two months of really solid training before the marathon. Stay tuned.

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