Places to Run in Scranton: Cathedral Cemetery

I’ve already covered two cemeteries in the Scranton area, so now there’s only one major graveyard left to cover. Unless, that is, someone knows of another cemetery that has at least a mile loop around. If anyone does, please let me know. Cathedral Cemetery sits in the West Side section of the city off North Garfield Avenue. If you follow Oram Street straight up after taking a left on Main Avenue, it’ll take you straight to the main entrance.

My running friends and I like to joke that every cemetery magically has a 1.3 mile loop around it, regardless of its actual size. This is because both Dunmore and Cathedral Cemetery have approximately 1.3 mile loops, which is an interesting coincidence, if nothing else. Like Dunmore, Cathedral is well maintained and offers a chance to get off the more congested roads of the city. It’s a bit hillier than Dunmore, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for. In particular, there’s a nastily steep hill on the far side, about half way through our standard loop, which I’ve mapped out here.

There are scenic vistas to be found all sorts of places

Back in college, Cathedral Cemetery runs were colloquially referred to as “Death Cube” among the team, which admittedly isn’t the most respectful name in the world, but hey, it wasn’t my idea. Like everywhere else I’ve discussed, I don’t necessarily recommend going the route that I laid out. But it’s a decent little loop that goes along the outer edge for the most part. If you’re really in the mood to explore, there are a number of trails behind the cemetery, but I caution against using those because they are positively¬†labyrinthine, and they’re not terribly long anyway. I won’t try to stop you, but don’t blame me if you get lost.

Getting my wisdom teeth removed has made this a cutback week by necessity, so the mileage or intensity aren’t exactly going to be way up there, but I’ll nonetheless be back with a marathon diary update on Sunday. Until we meet again.


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