Steamtown Marathon Diary: Back to the Grind

After the removal of my wisdom teeth, I didn’t want to quite jump all the way back into high mileage. Sometimes, however, things don’t happen quite according to the plan, so it’s best to adjust on the fly and go with the flow. I planned on only doing about 50 miles last week, but somehow I ended up doing 60. I’m not terribly concerned because it’s not like I took a huge amount of time off or I jumped from nothing at all to 100 miles a week. My body help up well through it all, so I should be good for a solid month of hard training before I start thinking about tapering.

I had a somewhat disappointing workout on Wednesday, though that may have been because both Tuesday and and Monday were very hilly runs. I’ve been avoiding hills a lot this summer, almost as if I’m afraid of them. Admittedly, the Steamtown course doesn’t have many uphills, but they’re still a necessary part of training. I did an eight mile tempo at about 6:20 pace, which, while by no means terrible, was a bit off from what I thought I could handle.

However, my long run yesterday made up for it, as I had one of my best runs in weeks. I planned on doing a 15 miler at normal pace for the first 10 or 12, then picking it up to my goal race path or below for the last few miles. It simulates the feeling of fatigue well and forces you to continue to go fast even when you’re already tired from several miles. For some reason, I felt fantastic, so my long run turned into basically a nine mile warm up followed by a six mile tempo. I probably wouldn’t recommend that kind of thing, so this is a bit of a “do as I say, not as I do” kinda of thing. That said, I’m happy with how last week went, and now I’m just looking forward to a few weeks in a row of consistent high mileage. I signed up for a half marathon on the second weekend of September so my short term goal is to prepare for that. Hard to believe Steamtown is less than two months away.

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