Running in a Winter Wonderland

Though Scranton has hardly gotten any snow so far, that’s no reason that runners can’t enjoy another great part of the holiday season. There’s more to Christmas than snow, after all. In short, all the Christmas decorations and light displays around town make for a beautifully enriching run any time one has the pleasure to view them.

Ordinarily, runs that end at dusk or early night, with the sun having set or nearly about to, lean toward being miserable. But this time of year, as the sun sets, something special happens. Tons of houses turn on their decorations and, all of a sudden, it’s almost like the world is lit up again. Running at night doesn’t seem so dark or scary. There are lights to guide your way, lights to remind you of holiday spirit.

I almost go out of my way to start many of my runs this time of year in the light afternoon, so that by the time I finish, it’s getting dark and I get to see the Christmas light displays to help me through the last few miles if it’s a rough day. In particular, finishing up by going through Nay Aug Park’s light show (which, if you’re in the area, I highly recommend), is a great way to wrap up any run. I’m still in a transitional period wherein I’m running for the pure joy of it. And every time I get to see all the Christmas lights, trust me, I get plenty of joy out of it.

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One Response to Running in a Winter Wonderland

  1. trueindigo says:

    Snow might be coming our way (we’re down in State College). Happy Holiday running!

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