2013 Running Diary: Commitment Struggles

After having some difficulty coming up with topics for my blog ever since the Steamtown Marathon, I’ve decided to just revisit the diary concept and start up a running log again. Besides, writing the logs often jogged my memory (how’s that for a pun?) about topics I wanted to discuss anyway. So, I might be a few weeks late, but consider this the official start of my running journal for 2013.

In short, I’ve found myself oddly having difficulty finding the will to run. This winter hasn’t even been all that bad. Starting tomorrow, temperatures are supposed to be brutally cold all week, with several days not even breaking into the 20s. Such cold conditions will truly be a test, and I’ve already covered my utter hatred of treadmills, which I loathe so fiercely I would rather run in 15 degree weather. I can tolerate extreme cold, to a degree, but wind is my bane. I did my longest run since the marathon yesterday, 13 miles, which shouldn’t have been too bad, but with a 20 mile per hour wind blowing right in my face much of the time, I felt exhausted afterward.

Assuming I get outside for an easy 7 miler later today, this will be the third consecutive week I’ve hit 60 miles. All I want to do over the winter is maintain good mileage and keep my fitness up before starting to move up to higher mileage when the weather gets better. Oddly enough, I’ve found lately that running merely for the sake of running often isn’t good enough for me. I enjoy it…. sometimes. But on the especially cold days. Or the ferociously windy days. Or the days when I’m really tired. I find the only way I can muster up the will to get my done is by thinking of a concrete goal, something to shoot for.

Steamtown might be well more than half a year away, but in the meantime, I’ve signed up for a half marathon at the end of April. I figure if I can hover around 50-60 miles for most of the winter and then start upping my mileage in March as the weather gets better, I could have a few 70-75 mile weeks under my belt by the half. I doubt I’ll beat my half marathon PR from last autumn (1:16:43), but if I can come close after a rough winter, it will bode well for my summer training and my hopes that I can beat my Steamtown time by several minutes. I realize this blog is running the risk of getting a tad verbose, but I just wanted to give some updates on where I am and how my training’s been going. I hope my fellow runners are braving the conditions as well. Adios, everybody.

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One Response to 2013 Running Diary: Commitment Struggles

  1. christan says:

    Well there are some things I feel compelled to say. One, people are great big vaginas about the weather. I’ve gone for several walks this week and if I hadn’t known the temperature was in the low teens or below, I never would have guessed. Honestly. Within a few minutes of walking, it hardly even feels like winter. I went for a walk two nights ago. It was 9 degrees. I came home sweating and that’s just walking. I imagine if I’d been running, well, I would have been sweating even more. That being said, I agree that wind sucks ass. I know I hate riding my bike in the wind. It turns even the nicest days completely worthless. I wish an even 7 miler existed for me lolZZZZ!!! Never did. There was a time when a 7 minute mile was easy. That was a jog. Now a 7 minute mile would be a nonstop dead sprint. Funny how that happens. Hell, now I’d be lucky to run 1/4 mile nonstop. I think I should start suing people!

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