2013 Running Diary #4: Mid-Winter Break

The Scranton area dodged a bit of a bullet, as winter storm Nemo only dumped about four or five inches on us. Nonetheless, I decided to take this as a good opportunity to act as a mid-winter break of sorts. My legs have been feeling kind of dead for quite some time, weeks possibly, so I figured I will just take a solid three days off, rest up, get my legs back underneath me and then get back to hard training for the next two and a half months until my half-marathon.

Maintaining mileage over a long period is difficult and taxing, so I’m not worried about this little break. I think it’ll work out just fine, but I just need the weather to cooperate a bit better in the future. Fortunately, we’re already a third through February, so spring will be here in around a month. I don’t have any races planned in the near future, so I’m just going to keep running and building up to my ultimate goal of around 80 miles a week. So, with that, I’m out. Keep the training up, fellow runners. Adios.

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