2013 Running Diary #7: The Same Old Mistakes

I tend to be a stubborn run, which simultaneously helps me as much it bites me in the ass sometimes. Most runners know the importance and effectiveness of doing track workouts. And, furthermore, you will very rarely run faster times during road races or on cross country courses than you will on a track. They’re simply built for speed. So, as a runner, it’s hard to resist tracks. They’re a quintessential part of the experience. But for me, I am officially done with tracks. I am never doing another track workout for the rest of my running career, nor will I ever run a race on a track, as unfortunate as that is.

If I may cut right to the point, I did a track workout last Friday with the team that I coach, and my recurring groin injury flared right up. I was previously reluctant to outright claim that track workouts are the sole cause, but I no longer have any doubt. In the fall of 2011, I did 400s on a track, and my groin started bothering me. I eventually worked through it, but I was constantly worried any time I got on a track after that. And then in the spring of 2012, I ran a 5K, and my groin was so bad I didn’t run for a month. Then in June of last year, I did a tempo on a track. And my groin flared up. Then, finally, I did this workout about a week ago. I really should’ve come to this conclusion much sooner, but my stubbornness wouldn’t allow me.

I do enjoy tracks for their speed, and they are perfect for PRs, but as I have decide to effectively retire from them, I understand and accept that there may be some PRs I will never beat. Nonetheless, I am prepared to move on. I’ve always preferred cross country anyway and I enjoy tempo runs on the roads more than repeats on tracks. So I plan to take a week, or two if need be, to rest up my groin and then get back to running. March has arrived, so one would think it should start warming up. Anyway, that’s my update for this week. I’ll see you guys next weekend.

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