2013 Running Diary #9: Blogging Pays Off

Despite a freakish winter storm on Monday, this ended up being a solid week. I’m still very much in the beginning of my training, so my fitness is nowhere near where I’d like, but I think I’m coming along. I hit 32 miles for the week and my groin held up fine, which is encouraging. As for workouts, the team I coach did a tempo on Friday, so I figured I may as well join them. I started out slowly, as I’m wont to do, but eventually caught one of the guys on the team and helped him push the last few miles. It feels good to help runners along like that.

Aside from running, though, I have good new! Earlier in the week, I checked my email (actually, it was an email address I forgot I even had, so the email was sent weeks ago) to see that I’d been messaged about potentially writing about running for a local magazine, Dunmore Corners. I won’t be paid, but I’m still thrilled. This is the kind of thing I was hoping for since I started this blog. Now my writing will be out there in physical form and I’ll have a clip (or clips, if the editor lets me write more) to add to my portfolio. There may be one last snowstorm in the forecast for tomorrow, but things are looking up.

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