2013 Running Diary #9: Getting Back in Shape

It’s amazing what a few weeks of inconsistent training and then two full weeks completely off can do to your conditioning. My first two weeks back to running were decidedly rough, as I could easily tell I’d lost a good bit of fitness. But I was able to notice some tangible improvement this week, as I continued to gradually step up my mileage. I cracked 40 miles this week and my body is holding up fine, including my recurring groin injury. That’s an encouraging sign, although I’ll continue to be careful.

The weather finally started to break a little this week, as we got some conditions that were at least almost spring-like. I don’t particularly want to get into hard workouts at this point in my training, so mostly I’ve been doing progression runs or some runs at a generally faster pace. Since yesterday was a beautiful day, I couldn’t hold back and ended up doing 10 miles at about 6:40 pace. So maybe I’m not in as bad shape as I might’ve thought. Nonetheless, I want to be in some kind of shape for my half-marathon in three weeks, but I also realize there’s no way I’ll even approach my half-marathon time from September. That about wraps things up. I’ll see you guys next week.

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