2013 Running Diary #10: Spring Has Sprung

Scranton always seems to have fairly bipolar weather, especially as one season becomes another. Last week was a perfect example of this. Tuesday and Wednesday were cold, barely reaching the upper 30s, and windy to boot. Then by Friday, it was in the mid 50s and just beautiful out. Looking at the forecast ahead, it looks like temperatures above 50 are here to stay, so spring has finally arrived. It’s amazing the psychological boost that warmer temperatures can bring. I feel rejuvenated and motivated anew.

I had originally planned on hitting 48 miles this week but ended up getting 50. I felt fine, so I doubt an extra two miles will make much of a difference. After a few rough weeks in the beginning of my training, my fitness has really come back to me. I went to a track meet with the team I assistant coach yesterday and, just for fun, threw in mile on the indoor track at the end of my run. I wanted a gauge of my fitness and the feeling of going fast. I ended up doing a 5:35 mile and I feel I could’ve gone faster. All told, I should be in better shape for my half-marathon in three weeks than I thought. Right now, I’m shooting to go under 1:20, but we’ll see what happens. Until we meet again.


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