2013 Running Diary #11: Bipolar Weather

It figures that after the last entry in my 2013 running diary, in which I happily proclaimed that spring had sprung, that Scranton would see to it to seriously throw that proclamation into question. Not by the temperatures going back down, but by having them skyrocket….and then they went back down later anyway. Monday through Wednesday saw temperatures in the 70s, with Tuesday being particularly warm and humid. Just one week prior, it had been literally a bit less than half that warm. In less than a week, we’d gone from 35 degrees to 75 degrees. Makes it a bit difficult to adjust.

I tried doing a workout on Tuesday, but it didn’t work out too well. Though mid 70s isn’t all that warm and would feel refreshing in the summer, after a long, cold winter, the dramatic jump into the 70s was brutal. I planned on mile repeats but I could complete only 3. All of them were around 5:37 pace. Then, as if nature was laughing at us, the temperatures plummeted back down, with Friday barely cracking 45 degrees. Frustrated with the weather, I poured all my anger into yesterday’s run, ending up with 9 miles at 6:25 pace. That gave me 56 on the week. I’ve realized that perhaps I’ve been upping my mileage a bit too quickly, so for the next two weeks until my half-marathon, I’ll just stabilize at 60 miles a week. I just hope the weather going ahead can be a little more consistent.

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