2015 Running Diary #2: Night Running


I’ve never been an early bird. I’ve always felt the most alert later in the day. Unfortunately, the vast majority of races are held in the mornings. Finding a night race is a hard thing to do, which is why I’m a fan of the annual Children’s Advocacy Center Moonlight Run held at Nay Aug Park here in Scranton. The race starts at 7 PM, giving just enough time for runners to finish before the April sun sets. I wish more runs would be held later in the day, or even in the early evening, but I suppose the rarity is part of what makes the Moonlight Run so nice.

At any rate, I had to take a few days off from running after doing the half marathon. Once I started running again, I probably bumped up my mileage a bit too quickly, but I couldn’t help myself. The Moonlight Run offered both a 5K and 10K, so I chose to do the 10K. As I’m getting older, I find longer distances appealing to more and more. I don’t quite have the speed I used to, but the endurance still seems to be there. Based on my half marathon time, I figured my 10K time would probably be somewhere in the low 40s.

However, I decided to be rather ambitious and shoot for a time under 40 minutes. I went conservatively for the first 5K, coming in at about 20:10, so I knew I’d have to pick it up to hit my goal. I brought the pace way down and finished hard, crossing the line with a time of 39:24, which I was thrilled with. I really didn’t think I had a time like that in me. Then again, if I could run a 10K at that pace, I probably should’ve been capable of a faster half marathon. Oh well. I’m still just in the beginning stages of getting back in shape after all.

I hit 40 miles last week, which is pretty much the highest mileage I’ve done over the past two years. And it’s way off the mileage I used to do back in college. So I’m hoping to take the spring and summer to gradually build my way back up. For now, though, I’m just shooting for 45 this week. I might do a 5 mile race this weekend, but I haven’t quite made up my mind. Regardless, I do feel like I’m getting my fitness back and I just hope I can keep training consistently.

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