Scranton Trails: The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Been a while since I’ve posted here, but I’ve started a new YouTube series covering trails and places to run in the area. This is similar to my Places to Run in Scranton blogs, but this time it’s in video form as opposed to a series of pictures. So, yeah, here’s the video!

The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is a mix of paved paths and dirt trails that weaves a path through Northeast Pennsylvania, following alongside the Lackawanna River. Not too long ago, the trail looked a hell of a lot different, but it has been paved, fixed up and maintained in recent years by The Lackawanna Heritage Valley National and State Heritage Area.

The trail is frequented by runners, bikers and walkers. It plays host to many races, especially the annual Scranton Half-Marathon, which is held every year in April. The section of trail covered in this video begins at Olive Street, not too far from Scranton High and Scranton Running Company. It follows the river along for almost four miles, eventually entering the borough of Taylor, PA. The official part of the trail ends at Depot St. in Taylor, but you can continue onward if you don’t mind a rockier, more unkempt and less maintained trail.

I have mixed feelings about the continued paving of trails in the area. While it’s great for bikers, it’s awful for runners. I respect the LHVA and everything they’ve done for the area, but at the same time, my inner hippie sometimes wishes the trails would be left unpaved. As a runner, there’s nothing quite like the relief of getting on a nice, soft trail. But I really shouldn’t complain. It’s a beautiful place for some exercise regardless. My thanks go out to the LHVA for all their hard work.

Here’s their website:

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