Personal Records

Here’s a list of my various PRs of all the distances I’ve ever seriously run (so that 100 meter sprint I did for fun one time doesn’t exactly count). I doubt I’ll ever make serious efforts to break some of these bests at the shorter distances, but I’d like to break some of the longer ones. If nothing else, it gives me something to strive for.

400- 55.8 (2007, Lackawanna League Meet)

800- 2:10.8 (2008, Wyalusing Invitational)

1600- 4:42.14 (2008, PIAA District 2 AA Championship)

Mile- 4:40 (2008, the Greenridge Mile)

2 mile- 9:57.2 (2012, Brian P. Kelly Memorial Race)

3 mile- 15:53.15 (2012, Bernie’s Memorial 3 Mile Run)

5K- 15:47.71 (2012 Golden Ram Collegiate Invitational [here’s a video of this one if you’re curious])

8K- 27:28 (2011, NCAA Division 3 Mideast Regional)

10K- 35.06 (2011, Run for the Cookies)

Half Marathon- 1:16:43 (2012, D&H Half Marathon)

Marathon- 2:48:27 (2012, Steamtown Marathon)


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