Steamtown Marathon Diary

6/11/12: Why the Marathon? In my first marathon diary entry, I discuss various reasons why people compete in races, as well as how I came to my own personal decision to run the Steamtown Marathon this year.

6/18/12: Cutback Weeks: In entry number two, I discuss the usefulness of the occasional cutback week if high mileage is starting to make those legs feel a little sluggish.

6/25/12: Getting to Know the Course: After a cutback week, my mileage got back up over 70. The centerpiece of this week was my first ever 20 miler, for which I ran the first 20 miles of the Steamtown Marathon course with a few friends.

7/1/12: Recovery: This week was unremarkable for the most part, as it was mostly spent getting my legs back under me after that grueling 20 miler. Sometimes, though, down weeks like this are just what you need.

7/7/12: Catastrophe: This decidedly downbeat entry discusses how my recurring groin injury flared up once again and my thoughts regarding what course of action to take in light of this most unfortunate development.

7/16/12: Baby Steps: After my groin injury acted up, I was forced to take another easy week to get my legs back under me and make sure that I would be okay to move forward with my training.

7/22/12: Back on Track: Roughly a month of running curtailed by injury and fatigue finally comes to end as I at last get a solid week of training in.

7/29/12: Another 20 Miler Down: This 70 mile week of good, solid training was highlighted by a solid tempo workout and especially the 20 miler that capped it off.

8/6/12: One Last Roadblock: After getting my wisdom teeth removed and having another down week as a result, I express my hopes that all my roadblocks have passed and I can just focus on my last two months of training.

8/13/12: Back to the Grind: My mileage jumped up a bit higher than I had planned this week, and my long run was more intense than I’d anticipated, but all together this week a solid return to form.

8/20/12: Running with a Champion: A disappointing hill workout midweek was more than balanced out by an intense 17 miler with a former Steamtown Marathon champion.

8/27/12: Just Call Me Coach: Now officially an assistant coach at my Alma mater, I have a dozen training partners after a summer spent running alone many days. A solid tempo and a strong 20 miler highlighted a very good week of training.

9/2/12: The Importance of Sleep: Though this particularly entry discusses only one topic primarily, it’s an important one. Adequate sleep is essential, particularly for runners, even though it might seem hard to get enough life’s other stresses add up.

9/9/12: One Month to Go: With just a month left until Steamtown, I put in a really solid week of training, including a good 6×1 mile repeat workout and my first ever half marathon, which I ran almost two minutes faster than I expected.

9/17/12: One Last 20 Miler: In this entry, I discuss my own history with tapers before big races and why I don’t plan on tapering much before the marathon. It took me some time to recover from my half marathon but this week ended with a really solid 20 miler, my last one before Steamtown.

9/24/12: The Home Stretch: Rainy, chilly days and a persistent, lingering cold hampered my training a bit, but I nonetheless got in some solid miles and finished the week strong with a fantastic negative split on my final long run before race day.

9/30/12: Preparing the Mind: In the penultimate entry before I run the marathon, I discuss the final preparations I will make before race day and update my final goal time.

10/10/12: The Big Day: In the final entry, I take a detailed look at just how the marathon went, as well as a bit of reflection on a problem of mine that seems to crop up before every big race… nerves.


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